Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's that time of year again...

Or not, depends where you are from. But here in New Zealand, it's external exams time!! :\ /dies

Clearly, I am making this post as a form of procrastination from studying for my exams and ironically, this post is going to be about, "how to study for exams" and all that nonsense.

Hopefully, this will get me motivated to actually study, I might for once take my own advice... I think a step-by-step guide should be good.

Right, shall we begin?

Step One: Finding a good work space.
This step is probably the most important!! Hence it being the first step. The best space is one where you won't be distracted, have sufficient light (preferably natural) and fresh air. A desk is also very helpful, studying on your floor or your bed is definitely not the way to do it, especially on your bed since then your brain will think that the bed is for studying and you won't be able to sleep D:::: my desk is in my bedroom which is away from the living room and the evil kitchen!! I like to keep my desk clear and only have on it the resources I will be needing such as: notes, workbooks, dictionary, stationary, water bottle and if needed laptop (although I suggest not since that is a massive distraction!). My desk faces a window which gives tonnes of natural light and fresh air so thumbs up!! Also having pretty & cute stationary doesn't hurt either, in fact, I find it makes me more motivated ^___^

Step Two: Self-Control.
This means two things, obviously having the self-control to not be distracted and to stay focused and the app, SelfControl. If you have a Mac, I highly recommend downloading this app. Basically, you blacklist a bunch of websites (the ones that distract you the most) and set a timer. Once you click start, you cannot visit these websites until the timer runs down to zero, restarting your computer doesn't even work to stop it, it's evil!!! But it works. You can download it here

Step Three: Stay well fed and hydrated.
This is also very important!! You have to keep your brain powered with food and plenty of water. And by food, I don't mean study food like chocolate and candy, I mean proper brain power food, which apparently is fish, so sushi for the win!! But if you don't like fish, there are plenty other brain power food out there, just Google for a list ;D and always, ALWAYS have a drink bottle filled with fresh water in your study space, and make sure it's water, don't be naughty and have energy drinks, they won't help at all!! If you want a change from water, a nice herbal tea works also (:

Step Four: Actually studying.
The best way to study is to know what kind of learner you are, are you a kinesthetic learner? An auditory learner? Or a visual learner? Or a combination of any of them! Since I'm very lazy, once again, I suggest you Google these to find their definitions, you could probably even take an online test!! After that there will be many different ways of approaching your study, for instance, if you are a auditory learner, you could record yourself reading out your notes and listen to that 24/7 (well not 24/7 but you get the idea). Or if you are a visual learner highlight all the important notes, colour coded and everything, perhaps draw graphs and little pictures, anything to help you memorise. And if you are a kinesthetic learning, that's me! ^___^ you will prefer a more hands-on approach, I find re-writing all my notes helps me remember them all and practicing examples from text books!!

Step Five: Get lots of sleep!
Sleep is important! Stop trying to pull all nighters to get all the work done. Take your time, take breaks (well deserved breaks) and get at least 8 - 10 hours of sleep a night so your brain is functioning properly the next day!

Step Six: Take care of yourself.
This can mean lots of things and can come under getting lots of sleep and eating and drinking well, but also don't forget to shower, that can be really gross if you don't u.u and take care of your hair and face. I find it quite relaxing to wear a facial mask or hair mask while studying, it's like killing two birds with one stone (please don't do that, birds are precious) and you will still look fabulous even after spending all your time sitting inside hitting the books!

I hope that this has helped prepare anyone for the tough times ahead hehe or people will reference this and come back to it when their exams approach.

Until next time,
cya ;D