Friday, December 7, 2018

We Fucked Up | Climate Change Through the Eyes of a Believer

For me, opting for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle was a no-brainer. There were no “ifs” or “buts”, no question about convenience and I certainly never thought that my actions were futile. It was black and white; this planet provides for us so we should treat it with respect and gratitude. 

In my family it was incredibly normal to reduce, reuse, recycle. Meals were cooked from scratch and none of the byproducts were wasted. Anything edible was eaten and the rest was composted in our rustic, straightforward compost heap at the back of the garden. Cans, plastic bottles and containers were thoroughly cleaned and either repurposed or recycled. We still produced trash that would go to landfills but it was obvious on rubbish collection day that our recycling bin contained more than the good ol’ black rubbish bags that were tossed out on the curb each week. This was the norm for me and my younger, naive self believed that everyone lived this way. Boy was I in for a shock. 

My passion for this subject grew the more I noticed just how not normal it was. All of a sudden I was looking through a triangle shaped lens, noticing when someone put something recyclable or compostable in a refuse bin, driving a distance that could have easily been walked or just being generally ignorant towards the carbon footprint they are leaving. Inside my frustration snowballed. Why couldn’t these people see the impact they were having on this planet? How are they not aware of the consequences? Do they not even feel remotely guilty? I couldn’t even comprehend how people could just turn a blind eye, even when the facts were slapping them right in the face. On reflection, I realised that while my interest in this increased because it was something I valued, I only had this understanding because of the example my parents set so it was time I adopted the stance of leading by example; with underlying tones of wanting to scream in peoples faces. 

When I went flatting I tried to implement sustainability as much as possible but my flatmates weren’t interested. They still loved the so-called convenience of Gladwrap (seriously, what the hell is convenient about Gladwrap?) and sorting the trash into three separate bins was such an arduous task. Thankfully I was struck by slight insanity and would go out and sort the rubbish accordingly. They still preferred buying prepackaged meals that you simply zap in the microwave over taking 30 minutes to cook it on the stove. I somewhat silently went around trying to pick up after them so my conscience could rest but still they kept rigid in their ways. I was still happy with my efforts in living this lifestyle (okay I don’t want to call it a lifestyle anymore, it should simply just be life) but my vexation towards people who couldn’t see the truth kept on boiling under my skin. 

I believe strongly in that we can only control our actions and even if what we stand for is clear as day, there are always going to be people who will not believe and will never change. I also believe strongly in the wisdom of a rattlesnake, I will give you a warning of what will cause me to bite, and if you choose to ignore that warning, then I will bite. This rattlesnake wisdom I think fits perfectly with climate change. Over the decades scientists and “radical” speakers have preached about the impact that our lifestyle is having on the planet and we are running out of time and resources. These weren’t just conspiracies passed on by madmen, they were backed up by hard facts. But still people chose to ignore the warning, they carried on their ways thinking this was all bullshit, or they believed to a certain extent but thought, “I’m only one person, surely the actions of one person can’t contribute to a global catastrophe” turning a blind eye to the fact that there was more than one person sharing these thoughts. And now the rattlesnake has delivered its bite. And it’s fatal.  

We are now faced with an epidemic. The IPCC has released a statement saying by 2030 the planet will have reached critical in terms of global warming and will have catastrophic effects on the planet. All of this is covered in the report ‘Global Warming of 1.5º’. Basically, we’ve fucked up and if we don’t change RIGHT NOW, then there is no future. It is time to make a bloody change. Take responsibility for your actions and face the hard truths that we were idiots. Already I’m seeing posts about needing to stop putting the blame on individuals when we are aware of which organisations and industries are the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions but playing the blame game is just as bad as saying climate change doesn’t exist. We ALL have to make changes and our changes will influence the “bad guys” to make changes too. Yes, you are just one person and your contribution to climate change is minute, but there are 7 billion other people all contributing a tiny piece of pie, and let me tell you, 7 billion pieces of pie is one fucking massive pie. So now you are making changes in your own life to make a difference and save this planet, but still the big corporations are pouring billions of tonnes of rubbish and pollution into our planet and atmosphere so how did I change that? You vote. And I don’t mean in the general election for a new politician. You vote with our most powerful resource. You vote with your dollar. These “evil” corporations won’t change their way because what they are doing makes them an astronomical amount of money. But if we stop buying what they are selling, their only worth slowly diminishes until they are forced to either shut down or change their ways. THIS is how we make a change. We grab them by the balls and we don’t let go until we’ve drained them completely (gross mental image I know). 

Now since I have dragged on for what seems like an eternity, ironically something we don’t have, I’m going to end this here but I plan on making separate posts on what I’ve talked about in more detail but less angry and hopefully more palatable. I’m going to share my knowledge on this topic and in the simplest way give you ideas on things you can do that will make a change. This planet has given us life, let’s not disrespect that by destroying it and in turn, life will continue. And if that’s not enough for you, then the end of the world can’t come soon enough. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Welcome to The Jungle

Trenchcoat - Laura Ashley. Camo shirt - Stolen from boyfriend, originally k-mart. Chiffon skirt - Supré. Loafers - Thrifted from Recycle Boutique.

Completely spontaneous shoot that came out amazing. Was assisting Cyren on another shoot and decided that the location was perfect for what I was wearing so hopped in quickly before going home and grabbed a couple of shots. Of course, the magic of these photos are thanks to Cyren's amazing eye, he captured exactly what I had in my head and more. This was shot at the Botanic Gardens, which is a place we shoot quite regularly because it's so diverse and every location has something different.
Some of these pieces are so old, like the skirt which I bought probably 7 years ago but it's so versatile. I love that just a different combination pieces can instantly change the mood and that's what I love about fashion, you can create anything with what you've already got!
As always, photos by Cyren's Cosmedia. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.
Catch-ya later!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sensory Overload | What Is It?

Ever felt overwhelmed by the environment? There's just too much going on? Noise, light, feelings? You may be experiencing sensory overload. All of us experience sensory overload to some degree in our lives, some people however experience it more often and at a different intensity. Today I've decided to write a post all about sensory overload as it is something I experience regularly and have only just begun to learn how to cope with it and what my triggers are.

Sensory overload happens when you get more input from your senses than your brain can process. This can manifest in different ways and to a different level of intensity, some of the symptoms include:

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Irritability 
  • Restlessness and discomfort
  • Possibly feeling the need to cover your ears or eyes to limit the input 
  • Feeling overexcited or "wound up"
  • Stress, fear or anxiety regarding your surroundings 
  • High levels of sensitivity with your sense, for example, you may be more sensitive to certain textures on your skin 
There are five basic senses; sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. There are also two more internal senses. These are the vestibular system which deals with balance and spatial orientation and proprioception which is your sense of orientation of your body in the environment. These two internal senses are important to know when it comes to sensory modulation, which I will talk about in another post.

When there are too many environmental triggers your brain struggles to prioritise just one and your brain gets stuck trying to process everything, sending you into panic to get away from the sensory input.

If you struggle with sensory overload often it is important to recognise your triggers. For me, I find trying to process information visually while there is a lot of noise around, whether it's music, TV noise or just background noise, I start to get overloaded. If I am emotionally vulnerable or tired, bright lights and loud colours send me into a panic and I start to feel like I'm suffocating. It is important for me to focus on one thing at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. If you are sensitive to your environment or suffer from intense emotions it is important to do just one thing at a time and practice mindfulness. I have found this a huge help in dealing with sensory overload.
If I am at a point where I am in a complete panic and am experiencing this overload to a high degree I find that best thing for me is to make a hot water bottle. I personally find warm sensations very calming and it tends to quiet the "noise" around me and inside my head. I also dim the lights and sometimes put on some quiet, chill music as complete silence can also be too much.
In my next post I will talk about sensory modulation and how that has helped me managing everyday life and also managing sensory overload. It's all about finding what works for you!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something new, there are plenty of resources online if you are interested in learning more.

Until next time,

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cooking Rice for n00bs

In today's video I am sharing my infinite knowledge on cooking perfect rice every time. No rice cooker or microwave necessary.
Enjoy! :3

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Week Review ~ 27/08 - 02/09

So I've decided I'm going to start doing a week review at the end of each week including what I got up to and just some bits and bobs. So let's dive in.

The first thing I did this week was a major overhaul of my bedroom. I added a second bed, completely organised my closet and put up a bunch of posters. Once it's all finished I will be uploading some photos but I already love it. I even bought a plant friend for my windowsill.

As you would have seen I uploaded three new videos this week, a try-on fashion haul, a recipe video and a night market vlog!

I ate some pretty amazing food this week:

That shake was absolutely incredible, I want to get another one ASAP! Follow my instagram @jantoness.

I also received some pretty awesome gifts:

This mug is my absolute favourite gift I have ever received! Cyren made it for me for our anniversary which isn't until the 14th however he wanted to give me this early. I am so in love!

We bought some absolute bangers at the night market:

This was my first find in the theatre thrift store, it was only $3! I have so many plans for it. When I first saw it I thought it would be perfect for a gothic lolita co-ord if I can find a skirt. I love pieces from the 80s so much, they're some of my favourites.

This sunhat was another find at the thrift store, it gave me massive Howl's Moving Castle vibes and it was $5. I can't wait to wear this on picnics this spring/summer with cute sun dresses <3
This here is Vince Bun Bun. He was $15 and I love him. We first saw these at a boutique on top of Cashmere Hill and was so stoked to find them at the market. I went for red because it reminds me of Cyren hehe. He's super soft and cuddly.

Finally we bought this beautiful card. The white paper flowers on it have seeds embedded in it and you place them in a pot of soil and they grow wee cute flowers. We've decided when we move into our new house we're going to plant them together.

That's about all for this week! Thanks for dropping by.
See you in the next post ;D

Ferrymead Night Market Adventures

Hey everyone!
Cyren and I decided to check out the Ferrymead Night Markets and had a blast!
Check out the vlog and see what we got up to u.u

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Current Favourite Smoothie Recipe | Vegan & Gluten Free

Hey guys! Got a recipe for you all.
This is my current favourite smoothie to have for breakfast.

1 banana - frozen or fresh
1 kiwifruit
1 chunk ginger
Handful spinach
1tbsp lime juice
3tsp liquid chlorophyll
1tbsp chia seeds
Water to blend

Hope you try it out and love it as much as I do!
See ya next time! :3

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Try On Fashion Haul | Soeur, Laura Ashley, Country Road, Kilt, Uncommon ...

Hey guys! Here's a fashion haul for you, it's been so long.

Mentioned in video:

  • Clothes from Soeur, Laura Ashley, Country Road, Uncommon Ground, Kilt, Zambesi, Etsy
  • Range of high end, designer and custom pieces 
  • Accessories, footwear and garments
Photos are from Cyren's Cosmedia, like usual, you know the drill, go check him out on Facebook and Instagram and give him a like, Cyren's Cosmedia on Facebook and @cyrenscosmedia on Instagram.

See ya :3 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's the little things.

Recently I've been feeling flat. I haven't had the energy to do all the things I want to do and this lack of passion and vigor is affecting my mood and putting me in a hole I am struggling to get out of. But with this, I have realised that I don't need to accomplish huge tasks and succeed everyday, especially when I'm too exhausted to move from my bed, but instead to do little things each day that bring me even a small amount of joy so I don't feel like all is lost.

Earlier this week I had my piano tuned. Even though I still played it when it was out, having it now at concert pitch and sounding a lot brighter has inspired me to play even more. When I was studying for my diploma, I lost the reason why I played piano. I was so focused on getting it technically correct and pleasing my teacher that I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I dreaded going to my lessons and had no motivation to practice. I passed my exam and attained my letters but I wish I could go back and do it again with the mindset I'm in now and show them why this is my passion and why I started playing at the young age of five and never looking back. I stopped playing for about 2 years after my diploma, partly because I moved to Australia and didn't have a piano with me but even when a piano was around, the desire wasn't there. This past year I've been playing for hours almost everyday. Relearning my favourite pieces and discovering so much that I didn't notice while focusing too much on being "correct". Even though I am hearing the same pieces over and over again, my love for them doesn't change, in fact I learn to love them even more and deepen my connection with the composer.
I was never much of a composer myself, in fact I struggled with it immensely, but I have discovered that with the right inspiration, I can create something that is beautiful and raw and embodies everything I am thinking and feeling. Writing these songs is bringing me so much happiness and this tiny sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a song and I am proud of it is one of the little things that is helping me get through the day.

As most of you know, one of my other loves is fashion. I love creating new outfits and I feel very confident, which is unusual for someone with no confidence, when I am wearing an outfit that is admittedly very me. So I have been making sure that I am always dressing in a way that brings me joy, even if it's a stay at home day I will still make the effort to put together an outfit to spark inspiration and make me feel like I can take on the world. About half of my wardrobe is in Australia right now and I was feeling quite lost without it and that I was just repeating outfits but even with only a small amount of clothes, you can create countless different looks and I am loving how I can take two pieces from different outfits, put the together and create something new and magical and everything I want it to be.

At last my new camera battery has arrived! As some of you may know, I do a little bit of photography work here and there although my past jobs I haven't had a reliable battery and have been using other cameras, either my sister's or Cyren's. Now that I have a functioning battery I can get back into photography, not just as a job, but as a hobby. For along time I had a lot of those, "I wish I had a camera" moments but it is now no longer. I am so excited to embrace more creativity through a different medium and create art that speaks to me.

Giving myself something to look forward to is another little thing that helps my drive. This weekend is Christchurch Armageddon and as much as I enjoy these cons, after Wellington I am unsure about how I am going to cope, especially with my energy levels at the moment. But I was talking to my friend T the other day that I want to shoot her Lolita coord because Lolita is something I really love and next thing I know she is letting me borrow one of her dresses to wear to Armageddon and just like that, I was feeling alive. I haven't worn Lolita in the longest time and fell off the wagon a bit and my coords sat in a closet collecting dust. I forgot how much I adore Japanese fashion and realised that if I have to do something that most people would consider weird to bring me delight, then fuck everyone else and embrace it! I cannot wait to share with you what I'm wearing and to get that feeling that I had when I went to the Baby The Stars Shine Bright store in Paris again.

All in all, we don't have to set these massive goals and achieve greatness everyday. Focus on the little things so the journey becomes slightly easier and you can feel those little sparks of bliss everyday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mid Year Review & Theme For Second Half

Welcome back!

So it's been a while. I found myself stuck in a rut and not having inspiration for new shoots or posts. I got quite frustrated but then I realised that I cannot force inspiration. Today, I wasn't even thinking of writing a blog post but whilst I was journalling inspiration struck and here I am!

The first half of this year has been a journey - and not an easy one at that. I lost my job, couldn't complete my course and found myself completely exhausted and full of despair. But if these negative things hadn't of happened, I wouldn't have learnt what I did and had all these experiences, whether good or bad.
Losing my job made me realise that I need to find a job that works for me and now I'm teaching piano, albeit I only have one student, but that one student brings me joy because I get to share with them my passion and pass on my knowledge.
Not completing my course taught me that to commit to something as big as tertiary study, I need to be 100% ready. Although I was doing really well with this course, my body couldn't take it. I found myself getting seriously ill and having to miss class, putting me days behind and being overwhelmed trying to catch up. These things are out of my control but in order to be able to cope with any unexpected things that may interfere, I need to be in a place when I can handle stress well. I am not disappointed that I dropped out as I learnt so many new, valuable skills which are now leading me to making my first ever handmade cosplay, which at the beginning of the year was a big dream of mine.
This year I have picked up photography jobs and am loving being behind the camera again and relighting the creative fire in me. However, with these jobs comes stress. The particular stress I am talking about is having to talk to people I don't know which is something I struggle with. After Wellington Armageddon I found myself with no desire to do anything and all I could do was sleep. I was exhausted after having to be social and maintain a professional reputation while dealing with anxiety. I am still very proud of what I produced despite the toll it took on me and now I have learned what I need to do when the next Armageddon rolls around to make sure I don't fall back into that pit.
Climbing out of that hole took me several months, but I discovered so many new things about myself and how strong I am and new tactics to deal with anything life throws at me. I have rediscovered hobbies that are bringing me great joy and it has shone light on what I really want in life.
I have come so far since the beginning of this year and I have no intention of stopping. I have made some hard decisions, some of which are risky but I am certain I have the power to make things works.

Now onto my theme for the second half of the year which is...


I have always been the person to despise goals, even the word goal stirs up something in me but recently it has come to my attention that setting goals, both small and big, can make a world of difference.
One of my goals is to really commit to making blog posts and youtube videos. It's something I'm passionate about and something I genuinely enjoy doing and even though I can't force inspiration, planning out my content when inspiration does appear will make this much easier to achieve.
Another one of my goals is to journal everyday. While stuck in my depression I started journalling, but not the way I used to where it would be all negative and I would spiral out of control, but instead shining a positive light on it, being grateful and accepting what is happening and figuring out the best way to deal with them. Consistency in this will help me be more positive and overall much happier.
One more goal is to embrace love, not fear, something I learnt today from Lavendaire's latest video, check it out here. I live my whole life being afraid and that is not a life I want to live. Being afraid achieves nothing. It is time I embrace love and change. I wrote down some key points in my life where fear takes over: my relationships with others, my relationship with myself and new experiences. This fear holds me back from experiencing new, incredible things and I want to experience more instead of sticking to my comfort zone. Although I find it incredibly cheesy, and Cyren couldn't help but cringe, my old psychologist once told me, "Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone." And yes, I find it hard not to giggle, but there is definitely some truth to that quote, I just need to be open to the possibilities. So it's time to face my fears and embrace love and the only way this will change is if I'm consistent with these actions.

That is all for today's post. I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by!
See ya.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Visual Kei

A few weekends ago I did some headshots with Cyren featuring a Visual Kei make up look. Visual Kei is one of my favourite Japanese subcultures, also the music is legit!
I found that no matter how much hairspray I put in my hair, it just won't hold the look so we had to shoot pretty quickly. I'm so happy with how these shots came out, he is so talented.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Artist Date 19/04/18

Inspired by Lavendaire, I took myself on an artist date.
I went on my usual daily walk but instead of listening to music or a podcast, I grabbed my camera and starting noticing and appreciating what was around me.

I saw so much beauty while observing my surroundings and it brought me so much peace. I saw life, I saw death, I saw colour and I saw mother nature and how wild she can be.

As I traced my walk, I saw things I have never noticed before and saw how beautiful and courageous life is. I saw plants growing through stern rock and finding a way to blossom; something I have decided to take with me into my life. When I feel weighed down by horrible feelings, I will persevere and push through and bloom.

I decided these photos needed to be printed so I can put them in an album and can look back at it and notice what I saw, how I was feeling and feel inspired by the life around me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Eye See You

Crop - Cotton On Body. Shorts - Cotton On Body. Shoes - Adidas.

Last month Cyren and I went to Hanmer Springs to do some walking. We wanted to do the waterfall work but we took the wrong track and ended up doing Conical Hill which was amazing! At the top there is a full 360º view so we decided it was perfect for a photoshoot. I love this set from Cotton On Body, as soon as I saw it I KNEW I needed it because I like my workout clothes to be bright and colourful and weird and this set ticks all those boxes. If you would like to check out more photos from Conical Hill check out my instagram post here

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How To Stay On Top Of Your Mental Health

Greetings all!
As some of you may know, I struggle with mental illness. Recently I had a bit of a relapse and realised that I need to take some steps to start my journey to recovery. In this post I will be sharing my tips and advice for staying on top of your game. Just so you know, I am not a doctor and this is not medial advice. What I am sharing are steps you can take that I have discovered from both professionals and from within myself.

Routine Routine Routine:
I have heard this over and over again and I stand by it, have a routine and stick to it! Having a plan helps take the pressure off you and makes you feel more composed. Somedays it’s going to be hard to stick to your routine but every time you say no to your illness and continue on your day is a small victory and baby steps are the way to go when improving your wellbeing. Now, when I was making my daily plan I was quite anal and rigid about it because well, that’s just who I am but once I feel more settled I will give myself some leeway so I can be flexible. In my plan I have set a time to wake up and go to bed, meal times, time slots to be creative and active and free time so I don’t go mad. As well as this, I have scheduled in time for self care. I have also allocated times to express gratitude and say daily positive affirmations but I’ll talk about those later. Have a think about what brings you joy and makes you feel calm and then create a routine based around that.

Get Support:
I would highly recommend getting some form of professional support on your journey to wellness. Whether that be a social worker or a whole team of psychiatrists and psychologists. Don’t be afraid to speak up and look for help, no one can do this on their own and this could be the very thing you need to get you up and running again. Depending on where you live, specialist mental health care is generally free unless you go to a private clinic. Most universities and polytechs have some sort of arrangement where you can get a certain amount of sessions with a social worker or psychologist for free so if you are studying go to the health centre and find out what they can offer you.

Eating clean can make a huge impact on your mental health. Myself personally, I follow a mostly vegan, whole foods diet and it makes me feel amazing. Unfortunately, in order to get the best results with your diet, you’re going to have to do some trial and error. Not everyone reacts to different foods that same way and you may find some foods make you feel worse instead of better. So pay attention to what you’re eating and try a find some correlation between food and your mood.

Get active people! Endorphins are a wonderful thing. In New Zealand doctors are now recommending exercise before attempting to be treated by medication, how amazing is that? You don’t have to run 10km a day to be active, even a 20 minutes walk is enough to get the heart pumping and the endorphins running. If exercise really isn’t your thing, try exercising with a friend, you’ll be talking so much you won’t even notice your exercising. If you can’t bear the thought of going to the gym, why not join a sports team? It’s social, fun and a great way to stay active. My personal favourite forms of exercise are hiking, rock climbing and yoga. I love walking out in nature, getting some sun on my skin (important for Vitamin D) and breathing in clean, fresh air, makes a world of different. Yoga is another great option for exercise as you can practice at any level. There are yin classes which are very slow through to power vinyasa which are intense. I love doing these classes in extreme heat, my favourite class being at 40ºC. Rock climbing for me holds a very special place in my heart, it’s one of the only activities where I don’t beat myself up when things go wrong and I am building myself up and absolutely crushing it! What I’m trying to say is, exercise shouldn’t be a chore or dreaded, experiment a bit until you find something you love.

Ahh sleep, my one true love. Having good sleep hygiene makes a HUGE difference in your mood and the way you cope with stress. Going back to what I said about routine earlier, choose a time you want to go to sleep and then wake up 7-8 hours after that, or vice versa, choose the time you want to wake up and calculate what time you need to go to sleep to get 7-8 hours. Have some wind down time before going to sleep. Try and avoid stimulants like screens, coffee, tea and cigarettes and instead having warm shower or bath, have a cup of chamomile tea and just chill. If you like reading, try reading a book although that is a double edged sword because I’ve said to myself, “I’m going to read for 30 minutes” and BAM it’s 4am. If you wake up in the night and find you can’t go back to sleep, don’t jump straight on your phone or pop out for a smoke. Instead, try lying in bed with your eyes closed or if you’re really restless, read the phonebook, it’s so boring you will probably doze off.

This is a bit of a touchy topic but there have been lots of studies showing how practicing mindfulness and meditation dramatically reduces stress and boosts your mood. Mindfulness is the practice of concentrating on only what is happening at that very second, here and now and blocking out worries from the past or concerns for the future. Most mindfulness exercises are done through meditation however there are some other ways to do it. I was once walked through an exercise where you squeeze your hands really tight for 5 - 10 seconds and then release noticing how your hands feel after your release them. If you are new to meditation, I would highly recommend starting with a guided meditation. There are plenty of apps, podcasts and youtube videos that can help you

Positive thinking:
Now I struggle with this a lot! I am definitely a pessimist and although that may never change, taking my negative thoughts and making them positive is a great skill to have. The ways in which I am applying some positive thoughts into my life are by having a gratitude journal and saying daily affirmations. Expressing gratitude is a great way to introduce some positivity into your life. Grab a journal and everyday write down 10, or as many as you like, things you are grateful for. Daily affirmations are something I have literally just started and although they are not a quick fix, eventually you will start believing them and thus begins the journey of self love.

So you want a more natural approach to bettering your mental health? Try aromatherapy. You can do this by either burning a candle or incense or you can by an oil diffuser (I want one SO bad) and add some drops of essentials oils to fill your room. I admit, oil diffusers are pretty pricey so if that doesn’t work for you mix some essential oils with a carrier oil and apply to the inside of your wrist, sniffing throughout the day.
Scents for depression: rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, clary sage, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon
Scents for relaxation/sleep: lavender, chamomile
Scents for anxiety: lavender, rose, ylang ylang, chamomile
Scents for anger: ylang ylang
Scents for irritability: sandalwood (my personal favourite)

Have an outlet:
Having an outlet to release all of those built up feelings and emotions is super helpful for your overall wellbeing. The best outlets are either creative outlets or physical outlets, such as exercise. I like to combine the two for the best results. Everyday I go for a walk or do some yoga as well as exercising my creativity by doing some writing, playing piano or making clothes. For me it is very important to express myself as I find I understand myself more when I do this and the more I understand myself, the more I can begin to find ways to support myself.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring 2018 Trends: How to make them work for Autumn

Hey everyone!
A new season is upon us. Up in the Northern Hemisphere flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born left, right and centre and it is getting warmer. Down in the Southern Hemisphere leaves are dying, it’s getting colder and we’re preparing ourselves for winter. So how does this affect fashion? Fashion week is over and all the new trends for Spring are appearing but for us folks in the Southern Hemisphere these Spring trends don’t seem to apply to us. So how do you stay on trend? Well look no further because I have the post for you, I am going to share how I take Spring trends and apply them to Autumn fashion. I am including pieces that I have found that I think work with this and will include both a luxury/high end piece and a high street/budget piece to cater for all!


The easiest way to take a trend from season to season is to apply different hues of the colours that are being featured.

Primary Colours:

Think reds, blues and yellows. Balenciaga featured all yellow outfits while we saw bright red at Givenchy. Luckily for us, these colours are easy to transition into Autumn. With reds go for a more crimson, deeper red. Gold and burnt oranges are a great replacement for yellow or if you want to stick with yellow, look for a more mustard yellow than canary. In my opinion, blues are a safe option year round however if you want to scream Autumn try a navy or steel blue. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other colours too, forest greens are great and aubergine is a stunning combination of red and blue perfect for Autumn. For a striking look, try dressing head to toe in these colours or if you are more subtle add these colours into your accessories.

Left: Cotton On - NZD$44.99
Right: Splendid, available at net-a-porter - USD$330


There is nothing wrong with wearing pastels during Autumn or even Winter by choosing the colour palette correctly and featuring these colours on soft fabrics. Céline featured combinations of pastel colours and Chanel showed a more harmonious look sticking with single colours for the whole outfit.

Left: Country Road - NZD$179
Right: Paul & Joe, available at net-a-porter - USD$453

Check prints:

Checks were a big hit for SS18 with Burberry featuring checked trench coats and Fendi going head-to-toe in this print. In my mind, checks are a great print year round however when wearing them for Autumn, opt for warmer or neutral tones.

Left: Witchery - NZD$299.90
Right: Sacai, available at net-a-porter - USD$1,354

Puff sleeves:

Whether it be regal, puff sleeves as shown by Jill Stuart or a more tailored, masculine square shoulder like at Givenchy, over the top sleeves are in! When going for volume, you can either go soft and feminine with puff or edgy and striking with square. If the feminine puff is what you look for, try looking for shirts and dresses in Autumn colours, this way you are keeping with the Spring fashion but making it work for Autumn. Looking for a more androgynous look? Try the square shoulders to make a bold statement. I personally think shoulder pads look great with a check print, and you’ll be ticking off two trends in one garment.

Left: Witchery - NZD$109.90
Right: Zimmermann, available at net-a-porter - USD$618

Wet look clothes:

Ah, wet look garments. I have a pair of wet look tights which I wear all the time and my love for them will never diminish. Luckily for me, they are now trending and I can bust them out of my wardrobe and not feel like I’m a time traveller from the 80s, not that that has ever stopped me. Now, I find that a lot of wet look garments are typically in black but why not try and inject some colour in it? Red, blue, any colour you like really! Mary Katrantzou featured colour blocking plastic clothes with quirky puff sleeves while Balmain stuck with traditional black in their jumpsuit creating a bold and sexy look.

Left: Isabel Marant, available at net-a-porter - USD$663
Right: H&M - NZD$29.99

Suit shorts:

Want to show off your legs but still look like you can take on the world? Well may I introduce to you, the power short! Balmain ticked two boxes by combining their suit shorts with a check print. While Saint Laurent stuck with classic black while having a glossy, wet look finish, another SS18 trend. These suit shorts are perfect for Autumn as the weather is still warm, although as winter approaches you might find yourself reaching for the full length trousers.

Left: Country Road - NZD$109
Right: Alice & Olivia, available at net-a-porter - USD$383

Rain jackets:

Yay! Functionality meets trendy. Anoraks were featured in a lot of designers collections this season, in both full colour and even clear. Nothing is better than when a fabulous garment serves a purpose other than looking good. Oscar de La Renta showed a shocking pink rain coat while Valentino had clear coats with detailed trim. Now, do you go for block colours in navy, deep reds and mustard yellow? Or do you opt for clear, adding flair to your outfit while still showing off the pieces underneath? The choice is yours.

Left: Vetements, available at net-a-porter - USD$854
Right: Cotton On - NZD$95

Floral dresses:
Nothing yells “Spring” like a pretty, floral dress. But can you make it work for Autumn? I think so. Investing in floral pieces that stay within the Autumn colour palette is a great way to add some spring into your step. Try small, floral prints for a more girly look while larger, bolder prints are great for edge.

Left: Witchery - NZD$179.90
Right: Borgo De Nor, available at net-a-porter - USD$1,837

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