Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My favourite thing to do u.u

I love taking the dogs for a walk. I just love being outdoors with the dogs and also it's a great way to exercise without realising you're exercising ^.~
It was the day before my 18th birthday!! My birthday was the 28th June (and was suuuuper awesome but I didn't take any photos or anything).
So my dad and I took our two dogs, Lucy and Scrappy, and my brother's dog, Sadie, for a walk to Burwood plantation and beach.

Even though I don't have any photos, I'll let you guys know how my 18th went hehe.
We started with dinner at Headless Mexican in Sumner. It's been a tradition for my family that when we turn 18 we would go to Club Bazaar which was a pizzaria in Sumner owned by my step uncle but that had to be demolished due to the earthquake so we went to the other restaurant that he owned so it kinda worked out haha but it was sooooo good, we just had a spread of everything so we could have a taste of everything on the menu, it was super fulling though, I pretty much couldn't walk by the end of it. After that we left my family and went on a pub crawl!! The first 3 pubs were good and involved drinking and playing the pokies (which were really boring but Tim won $100 so that was handy haha) and then the 4th pub was sooo busy I pretty much walked in, had a pee, then left. The 5th pub was more of a club so we had a bit of a dance until we felt uncomfortable and left. The next two pubs both had fees to get in so we weren't too keen on them so we went to the strip club instead (or as they call it, a Gentlemen's Club) AND IT WAS AMAZING! These girls had so much confidence and were amazing on the pole, like they were so strong it was insane! It was probably the highlight the day, well morning, it was around 1:30am when we got there hehe.
So that was my birthday, it was awesome!! I also got some really cool presents, including LOTR lego Tower of Orthanc and a much smaller but very good camera, since mine is about 4kgs and very, very old.

Thanks for checking in, and I'll try to post again soon!!
Lots of love n.n
Alice x