Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spearmint Stick

Hat - Ripcurl. Jumper - Lacoste. Shorts - Moto by Topshop. Shoes - Galeries Lafayette.

Today's look features a pair of shorts which I adore but never get the opportunity to wear, that is until we moved to Australia. I bought these shorts almost 5 years ago now in Singapore and probably only worn them 6 or 7 times since then, crazy eh? I thought I would wear these shorts with my Lacoste jumper even though it was a boiling day but I liked the similarity in colours and the contrasting stripes. Onto the shoes, these shoes are the comfiest wedges I've ever worn! I know they don't have much height but I like a short heel, even in wedge form and the straps are perfect for holding my messed up feet in place. 

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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Beanie - Glassons. Cardigan - Witchery. Shirt - Country Road. Shorts - Fletcher (from Cosmic). Shoes - The Last Footwear Company. Bracelets - Minzu.

This is a look from a couple of days ago. It has a very neutral palette, inspired by nature. The bracelets I got as a gift from my partner's dad and step-mum from Singapore and I'm loving them and how they tie this look together with a very rustic feel along with the shoes, which are what my dad calls, "shabby chic", as they have had a lot of wear and have character. Once again this is a very comfortable look, as I love feeling comfortable in my clothes.
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Slip It On


Shirt - MNG. Slip - Country Road. Boots - Palladium.

Today's look is a very comfy yet chic look. The loose shirt and slip give the look a very effortless feel while the boots add an edgy touch and the colour ties together the whole look. I believe that being comfortable leads to being confident in an outfit.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017



Today's look is what I wore Pokémon hunting and to the markets on the beach.

Sunglasses - DKNY. Crop - Spare. Shorts - Stolen Girlfriends Club. Socks - Nom*d. Shoes - Converse.

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