Friday, March 16, 2018

Journey's End

Dress - Forever New.

The last time I wore this dress was for my leavers' ball in 2013. I adore this dress but unfortunately it isn't practical to wear often, I'm still waiting for when I have to attend a formal event so I can bust this dress out. I've often thought about wearing it to weddings but sometimes I think it isn't appropriate with it being black and long but I really need to wear it more. I had been planning this shoot for a long time, the idea of being in a ball gown in bare feet running through a forest on a bed of pine needles just seemed so perfect to me and I'm am so happy with how these images turned out. I had a lot of fun shooting this look despite the demon bushes that kept on hooking onto my tail D;;;
I'm usually not one to wear tight fitting garments but since this dress has the chiffon over top it isn't as daunting as you don't see the tight fitting bodice as much. I've always loved the way the tail catches the wind and flows like a cape, makes me feel not only elegant but pretty badass as well. It's strange because I hardly ever shop at Forever New, in fact, this is the only thing I've ever purchased from that store but when I saw this dress all those years ago I fell in love instantly. I'm so glad I finally got to shoot this look because the concept has been in my mind for years.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Forest Nymph

Dress - Country Road. Shoes - Sunto.

In LOVE with this dress. It was a bit of an impromptu/mania fueled purchase but in the end I am thrilled that I bought it. I quite often buy clothes from the children's section and this dress is an example of that. I find that the children's clothes at Country Road are actually not so childish that they can't be worn by an adult, they are still very chic and flattering. The shoes are another purchase I am stoked with. I bought them from Recycle Boutique at The Tannery which if you live in Christchurch should definitely check out because you get good quality, designer pieces at an incredibly reasonably price and sometimes the clothes are brand new! These photos were taken by of course, Cyren from Cyren's Cosmedia and were shot on location at the Botanic Gardens just after we had finished some cosplay photoshoots. I am so happy with how the photos came out and I love the colours in it, I feel just like a forest fairy! So glad I got to share this with you guys n.n

Monday, January 22, 2018

Vintage Liberty Part 2

Shirt - Vintage Liberty. Skirt - Workshop. Shoes - Maher.

As you saw in my last post I have received some vintage pieces from my mum and out of these items I was gifted 2 vintage Liberty print shirts and this is the second one. This one is a much stronger print through the colours and isn't as soft and romantic as the first however it still has a amorous feel to it which I feel is shown through the floral print and the colours which compliment each other beautifully despite being quite contrasting. I paired it with the same skirt as the previous look which works really well but I have also worn this shirt with a pair of camel coloured chino style pant which makes it a bit less dressy but still quite smart. Once again these photos were taken by Cyren at good ol' Riccarton bush which is just so appropriate for both of the looks we shot there. I have worn this outfit multiple times since I received the shirt and couldn't be happier with how it looks.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Vintage Liberty Part 1

Shirt - Vintage Liberty. Skirt - Workshop. Shoes - Maher.

I am in love with this shirt. It was my mum's in the late 70's when she lived in France and I am so stoked that it was given to me. I'm not sure if I've featured this skirt on the blog before but I did mention it in this haul video and you will understand why it is such an important and loved piece of my wardrobe. These photos were shot by Cyren, as usual, at Dean's bush, which is such a gorgeous back drop and compliments the outfit so well. This outfit makes me feel amazing and confident and I don't think I could love it anymore, it's at max love level.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

It's that time of year again, the time when everyone sets out on their own journey of, well, anything they want. Some might want to eat more healthy, some may have fitness goals and some may just want to get through another year. 2017 was a rough year for me, friendships were tested, relationships failed and having to deal with mental illness made everything tough but I'm thankful for each and every experience as it has made me a stronger person. I have strengthened relationships, new and old, and have found a new appreciation for my resilience.

New Year's Eve was very chill, spent with good company and good vibes, nothing too mad here but I couldn't have wished for a better send off, surrounded by people I love and getting to have my first kiss of the New Year with my amazing partner. The first two days of 2018 were spent doing things I love, a morning meditation on the 1st, plenty of walking uphills, in forests and along the beach and eating lots of yummy vegan food. Most of which fall into my list of New Year Resolutions.

My resolutions for 2018 are:
- Meditate each and every day
- Be more organised and improve time management
- Be vegetarian and potentially vegan later on

I have a lot to look forward for 2018. First of all I will be studying fashion come February and I am overjoyed about it, I can't wait to get started. I have shows to audition for and I can't wait to create new and amazing memories with my loved ones. This year I plan on going on a journey of self discovery, self love and ultimately happiness, something I want to throw myself into to make this year, and the rest, the best of my life. Overachieving, maybe, but it will be worth it in the end.

2018 Diary and Happiness Journal both from Kikki-k.

Thank you for stopping by and let's all say "Hello" to 2018.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Year In Review - My Favourite Designers | Valentino

Couture Fall 17

In this collection colours found in nature are featured a lot. There are fabulous dresses in a mixture of flowy designs and plenty of structure. Structure is also found in the jackets which are shown in colours like pink and green, pink being less focused on in this collection. The amount of detail in the dresses is remarkable with sheer panels featuring a lot. Layering is also shown a lot throughout this collection although not so much in the four pictures I have selected. Along with the colours which are very botanical, prints also bring this design to the forefront.

Pre-Fall 17

Like the Fall Couture collection, botanical prints are shown a lot however they are in more obscure colours like oxblood and violets. Majority of the dresses in this collection are very flowy with lots of ruffles and very feminine however some looks involve structure like the third picture in the ones above. Pants are not a focal point in this collection but some are exhibited like in the fourth picture still staying within the floral theme through the print. The coat creates a juxtaposition with the geometric print creating dissonance between the two prints. The footwear in this collection brings an edgy feel to the whole collection off-putting the feminine feel the flowers bring.

Ready To Wear Fall 17

Once again, like all the other Fall collections, floral prints and motifs are shown often. Majority of the colours are muted however there are some bright colours thrown in to the mix such as shocking pinks, deep reds, blacks and yellows. Like the Fall collections already shown ruffles feature a lot and everything is rather feminine with billowy sleeves. There is a varied mixture of sheer and opaque fabrics creating a nice medley. I particularly like the bold prints displayed in this collection, although the pictures I have chosen for this post do not do it justice.

Couture Spring 17

For some reason I didn’t find as much inspiration and enjoyment from this collection and was slightly disappointed as for me Valentino always deliver but that’s not to say it still wasn’t fantastic. I definitely appreciated how harmonious and synchronous this collection was, it was nice to see a collection that had a nice flow. I like that he stuck with similar subdued colours and had textiles that were very alike. Like the Fall collections, Spring also featured ruffles and sheer fabric, an obvious favourite for Valentino this year.

Ready To Wear Spring 17

This collection was right on trend with the bright reds and pinks either by themselves or working harmoniously together. I particularly liked the short dress shown in picture two as it was different from the usual long gowns. Aside from the reds majority of the colours used in this collection are typically pastels and muted creating a soft and feminine feel, something that has been shown a lot through his collections this whole year. I like the mix of black and some of the softer colours coming together in beautiful harmony. Overall I loved not only this collection, but all collections this year and wish I could have shared more of my favourite looks with you but you should definitely check out the whole collections and find some inspiration for yourself.

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Year In Review - My Favourite Designers | Jean Paul Gaultier

Couture Fall 17

Jean Paul Gaultier is my number one favourite designer. I love both his Couture and Ready-To-Wear. This year his collections have been amazing, both Fall and Spring. In the Fall collection I love his use of asymmetry as you can see in the second look and the over the top boxy shoulders teamed with the cinched in waists and huge knits and coats. Sampled above is just a few looks that are my favourites from this collection although there are heaps more. If you go through the whole collection you will see a lot of geometry, particularly triangles and some colour blocking. Along with neutral colours there are a lot of earthy tones with the occasional pop of blue and purple. What I love most about this collection, and many other collections by him, is how exaggerated everything is, which is definitely one of my favourite aesthetics of Gaultier. I find huge inspiration in his collections.

Couture Spring 17

In this collection there is a huge variety of colours. This collection features a variety of textures and shapes with a varied mix of flowy dresses and pants and power suits made from unusual materials such as lace. He keeps true to himself with the dramatic shoulders on jackets and tops. Layering plays a big part of this collection with dresses over tees and corsets over tank tops. I am particularly drawn to the wide legged pants shown in look number three and various other looks throughout the collection and the different textiles used to create the garments including a leather dress with cutouts to let the skin poke through and create a geometric print. Just like the Fall collection, cinched in waists feature a lot with suits being pulled in with a matching belt. I enjoy not only the striking colour blocking seen in some of the looks but also the looks featuring just one colour for all aspects. I wish I could share all of my favourite looks from this collection but there are far too many, it’s just all so beautiful.