Monday, December 11, 2017


Shirt - Vintage. Pants - Storm. Boots - Kate Sylvester.
Photos by Pixiscene Cosmedia (Cyren).

Greetings friends!

So the weekend just been has been an absolutely stunner of a weekend because we went to Shapeshifter live in Hagley Park. And we had a BLAST! There were 5 different acts playing, Drax Project, Dub FX, Kora, Shihad and Shapeshifter over 8 and a half hours of music bliss. Well I wouldn't say it was peaceful, but it was heaven. Anyway, this is what I wore and regretted wearing as it was a scorcher of a day, something like 31 degrees but I felt amazing in this outfit and thought it was very appropriate for the occasion besides the weather. Cyren and I didn't get a chance to shoot the outfit on the day of the gig so we did it a few days later. I recently got a whole bunch of vintage clothes from my mum and this shirt is one of the 5 pieces I got. I am planning on doing a vintage haul and how I would style them video so keep an eye out for that, I guess this outfit is a bit of a spoiler.
Thanks for dropping by and let me know if you were at Shapeshifter last weekend and if you had an amazing time like myself.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Living with Mental Illness | Anorexia

Hello lovelies, 

First of all sorry for the sudden end of the video, for some reason my camera turned itself off while we were filming. I would say it was only about 5 minutes worth of footage that was lost so I can cover it in this post.

As you know, we had just covered the physical complications and symptoms of anorexia and were about to start on the emotional. First and foremost, the most common emotional side effect of anorexia is depression. Many studies, including the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, have shown that somebody who is malnourished will almost always have some degree of depression along with a pre-occupation around food, weight and exercise. Through my eating disorder I have realised just how much these thing occupy your mind and it is absolutely exhausting. It is incredibly difficult to focus, not just because you can’t stop thinking about food but also because a lack of fat in the brain impairs your concentration. If you are interested in finding out more about how starving oneself affects the mind, definitely read up on the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. 

I can’t really remember what else we talked about in that last 5 minutes but I think I covered the basics. Thank you for watching/reading, I hope this has helped you understand if maybe you or someone you know are suffering from an eating disorder and hopefully can make the steps towards recovery. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Dress - Homemade.

Hey everyone!
Today's look is a dress my mum made for me and I'm absolutely in love with it, there's nothing more special than clothes made with love. This dress is perfect for the summer, not only because of the summery colours but it is so lightweight and flowy. The gingham print has the most amazing complimentary colours and is sweet and girly without being too over the top, which is good for me because I love dresses with subtle girlyness hehe. These incredible photos were taken by my amazing boyfriend Cyren, I would love it if you could check out his page here and here because he does spectacular work. Give him a like and a follow ;D
That is all for today, thank you for dropping by, see you next time!

Friday, December 1, 2017

John Barrowman's Underwear + Singing Copacabana + Exclusive Photo Shoot ...

It's finally here!!!! The 2017 Auckland Armageddon Vlog!
There is so much footage and it just flowed so well that I couldn't bear cutting it into separate videos so one long video is what you're getting however there are links to all the sections in the description box so if you just want to check out certain parts, have a look in there.

I had the most AMAZING time over the 4 days of Auckgeddon, it was my first Armageddon outside of Christchurch and it couldn't have been better. I got to meet the one, the only John Barrowman as well as working with Jessica Nigri and Fakenerdboy on a photo shoot with Cyren (I just assisted and carried a light hehe).

I also met some amazing people and cosplayers, I was quite nervous to meet all these people but they were so wonderful, lovely and welcoming I felt right at home.

I'd be most gracious if you could check out the vlog as I probably put the most effort into this video out of all the videos I have ever done because there was so much amazing footage that I wanted it to be the best it could possibly be.

Thanks everyone, have a rad day!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Criss Cross

Crop - Spare. Overalls - Cotton On. Fishnets - n/a. Shoes - Converse.

I love the trend of wearing fishnets under ripped jeans and since these overalls have massive rips in them (some intentional, some by accident >.<) I thought they would be perfect to go overtop my fishnets. I also love the combination of a striped tee under denim overalls. While I was shooting my cat decided to come say hi so he's featuring in my post... again. But I love this boy so I'm happy for him to be involved. Hope you enjoy! See you next time. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Dress - Karen Walker. Watch - Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes - Mi Piaci.

This is what I wore out to dinner for my 21st birthday. This dress makes me so happy, it's so elegant and feminine without being overly girly. This outfit is perfect for any formal occasion whether it be a special dinner or a wedding, which I have worn this outfit to before. If you would like to see what else I wore during the week and what I got up to check out my birthday vlog video here.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grey & Yellow

Crop - Calvin Klein. Shirt - Metal Mulisha. Skirt - Jay Jays. Shoes - DV8. Bangle - Cotton On.

Grey and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations. There is something so relaxed yet vibrant about this combination. The yellow adds a pop of colour but is toned down and softened by the gentle hues of grey. I am in love with this Calvin Klein underwear set, I love that I can wear the crop with just a jacket or unbuttoned shirt over top and can secretly know that my underwear is on point under all my clothes ha! In the winter it is always nice to have some colour integrated into your outfit to brighten up the gloomy days (although we haven't had many gloomy days here in Australia, New Zealand on the other hand have had more than their fair share).