Saturday, September 1, 2018

Week Review ~ 27/08 - 02/09

So I've decided I'm going to start doing a week review at the end of each week including what I got up to and just some bits and bobs. So let's dive in.

The first thing I did this week was a major overhaul of my bedroom. I added a second bed, completely organised my closet and put up a bunch of posters. Once it's all finished I will be uploading some photos but I already love it. I even bought a plant friend for my windowsill.

As you would have seen I uploaded three new videos this week, a try-on fashion haul, a recipe video and a night market vlog!

I ate some pretty amazing food this week:

That shake was absolutely incredible, I want to get another one ASAP! Follow my instagram @jantoness.

I also received some pretty awesome gifts:

This mug is my absolute favourite gift I have ever received! Cyren made it for me for our anniversary which isn't until the 14th however he wanted to give me this early. I am so in love!

We bought some absolute bangers at the night market:

This was my first find in the theatre thrift store, it was only $3! I have so many plans for it. When I first saw it I thought it would be perfect for a gothic lolita co-ord if I can find a skirt. I love pieces from the 80s so much, they're some of my favourites.

This sunhat was another find at the thrift store, it gave me massive Howl's Moving Castle vibes and it was $5. I can't wait to wear this on picnics this spring/summer with cute sun dresses <3
This here is Vince Bun Bun. He was $15 and I love him. We first saw these at a boutique on top of Cashmere Hill and was so stoked to find them at the market. I went for red because it reminds me of Cyren hehe. He's super soft and cuddly.

Finally we bought this beautiful card. The white paper flowers on it have seeds embedded in it and you place them in a pot of soil and they grow wee cute flowers. We've decided when we move into our new house we're going to plant them together.

That's about all for this week! Thanks for dropping by.
See you in the next post ;D

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