Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Artist Date 19/04/18

Inspired by Lavendaire, I took myself on an artist date.
I went on my usual daily walk but instead of listening to music or a podcast, I grabbed my camera and starting noticing and appreciating what was around me.

I saw so much beauty while observing my surroundings and it brought me so much peace. I saw life, I saw death, I saw colour and I saw mother nature and how wild she can be.

As I traced my walk, I saw things I have never noticed before and saw how beautiful and courageous life is. I saw plants growing through stern rock and finding a way to blossom; something I have decided to take with me into my life. When I feel weighed down by horrible feelings, I will persevere and push through and bloom.

I decided these photos needed to be printed so I can put them in an album and can look back at it and notice what I saw, how I was feeling and feel inspired by the life around me.

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