Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update ft. countdown to Aerosmith!!

Hey guys, it's been a while!

Sorry about the lack of posting, had some domain issues and just general technobabble bullshit but all working now! (that's a lie, it's been working for a while I'm just a slack ass).

Finally the term is over, on holidays now but working a tonne! 33 hours this week already, just think of the money Alice. I'm pretty exhausted though, we started rehearsals for our production of Dreamgirls a few weeks ago, doing 7 - 10 hour weeks of singing and dancing O.O but it's so worth it! I've decided that's all I want to do anymore, sing and perform ^^ but I wouldn't mind to have a whole day off to sleep and recover. And I need to save my energy for...


That's right, Tim and myself in 8 days will be driving down to Dunedin for Aerosmith's Global Warming World Tour! We're are super duper excited!! They are being opened by Diva Demolition, Head Like A Hole, Dead Daises and drumroll please.. WOLFMOTHER!! I am so amped!! I've been listening to Wolfmother and Aerosmith non-stop for the past month, got all my words down >.< I'll also even do an outfit post for what I wear to the concert!

Following the concert we will drive down to Invercargill, Tim's home town (awwwwh), and stay there for 4 days (or something like that) to hang out with the fambam, meet his old friends (eeeeek) and show me round the town, I've never been before so I'm very excited! I will make sure to take heaps of photos and fill you guys in!! I'm gonna need a serious break after all this excitement!!

Once again, I apologise for the lack of blogging, I'm a poo like that, keep checking this page out for more updates and footage from the concert!

Bon nuit,

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