Friday, March 16, 2018

Journey's End

Dress - Forever New.

The last time I wore this dress was for my leavers' ball in 2013. I adore this dress but unfortunately it isn't practical to wear often, I'm still waiting for when I have to attend a formal event so I can bust this dress out. I've often thought about wearing it to weddings but sometimes I think it isn't appropriate with it being black and long but I really need to wear it more. I had been planning this shoot for a long time, the idea of being in a ball gown in bare feet running through a forest on a bed of pine needles just seemed so perfect to me and I'm am so happy with how these images turned out. I had a lot of fun shooting this look despite the demon bushes that kept on hooking onto my tail D;;;
I'm usually not one to wear tight fitting garments but since this dress has the chiffon over top it isn't as daunting as you don't see the tight fitting bodice as much. I've always loved the way the tail catches the wind and flows like a cape, makes me feel not only elegant but pretty badass as well. It's strange because I hardly ever shop at Forever New, in fact, this is the only thing I've ever purchased from that store but when I saw this dress all those years ago I fell in love instantly. I'm so glad I finally got to shoot this look because the concept has been in my mind for years.

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