Thursday, August 9, 2012


Bonjour tout le monde.

I go by many names, Allie, Footsteps or Oli just to name a few, but presently I am most commonly known as Arisu.
I was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, by my French Mother and Croatian Father.

I am in my second to last year at high-school and am currently wishing to study a bachelor in musical arts when I finish. Music is my biggest passion, but not my only one. I am also interested incredibly by fashion, organisation, Japanese culture, vintage items and the environment, (reduce, reuse, recycle!).

Through this blog I will be sharing my favourite DIY projects, recipes, fashion, make-up, how-to's and any tips and tricks that may tickle my fancy. Please note that when it comes to recipes I am gluten, dairy and soy free so if you are any of those, or just prefer an organic, less processed meal, then they are definitely for you. I am an animal rights activist so any products used are cruelty free and generally good for the environment.

Take your time and I hope you enjoy your visit to my world of black cats and full moons...

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