Saturday, August 11, 2012

Green Clean

So occasionally I can be a bit of a neat freak, omg what is my life I'm a teenager blogging about cleaning OTL. Anyway, as I am all pro-earth I use natural, eco-friendly cleaning methods and I am going to share these with you now.

General cleaning:
Clean natural leather upholstery with equal parts of boiled linseed oil, cooled and vinegar.
Use methylated spirits on a soft cloth to clean phones and computers using a q-tip for the hard the reach places.
Greasy marks on wallpaper can be removed by rubbing with a piece of bread.
Rub limescale on plug holes with a cut lemon.
De-scale the shower-head in a bowl of warm neat vinegar. U
Use white vinegar to de-scale the kettle.
Use lemon juice or vinegar to bleach stains out of marble.
Use soda bicarbonate and warm water to clean the insides of fridges and freezers.
Rub cigarette burns on carpet with the edge of a silver coin, random huh?
Sprinkle damp tea leaves on wood floors to help collect dust when sweeping or to keep the dust down when cleaning out the fireplace.
Rub vegetable oil into dried paint on your hands then wipe off.

To make it shine:
Clean chrome taps with flour.
Add vinegar to water in a spray bottle for cleaning windows and wipe clean with newspaper.
Use a spot of methylated spirits on cotton wool to shine up silver in a hurry.

What has my life come too? Blogging about cleaning, tsk tsk tsk, but who cares I'm interested in this and I hope it may help some people out there.
I shall post a more fashion/beauty inspired post next!

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