Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Fashion 2012 + thoughts

I have been browsing through the Spring fashion for this year and have some thoughts, both good and bad, about some of the trends we have going on. So let's dive on in.

Firstly, peplum dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, EVERYTHING PEPLUM!

At first, I was not sold on the idea, I didn't have anything against peplum style, but I saw it more as a sophisticated, entrepreneur kind of item and as soon as I saw it in the shops, I thought oh dear, that is just not going to work on some girls, especially with some weird colour schemes but I must admit it is growing on me. On the right body shape and paired with great footwear it can really look amazing. Simple yet sophisticated.

Colour blocking.

LOVE LOVE LOVE COLOUR BLOCKING! Always have, always will. I think it is an absolute great trend for Spring, especially transitioning into summer. I love how bold and risky it is and most people can really pull it off, and it doesn't just have to be in your clothing, a lot of people have used daring, contrasting colours in their make-up too!

Bold prints and large floral.

I have a friends who's mom is amazing! She loves bold prints, bright colours and anything crazy. The difference between here and people who are wearing this because it's a trend, is that she is incredibly tall, skinny and confident. I don't mean to be harsh, but I think these very bold prints look best on very long, skinny legs and on short people do not, it also shortens them even further. If you have the confidence to do it, go for it! But if it's just because of the trend, perhaps think about your body type first.

Pastel ankle length jeans.

A mon avis, these frustrate me greatly. The colours are great, really feminine and complement spring well. But, the length just makes me shiver. Firstly, if you are short, you look even shorter in them, especially if you are pairing them with flat converse, which is the look I see frequently and secondly that small amount of flesh in between the cuff and the top of the sock just looks so cold, exposed and strange. Must admit, I'm not a fan.

Orange and mint green tones. (separately)

I love these colours and think they are both perfect for Spring. The mint green is fresh and feminine and the orange is so bold and warm at the same time, they are both lovely and are once again perfect of the transition from Spring to Summer.

I hope you enjoyed this Southern-Hemisphere based post and I hope my opinions weren't offensive to anyone (sorry if they were, it's nothing personal). I hope everyone enjoys their Spring and the trends with it. As long as you are having fun, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.

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