Saturday, September 29, 2012

Visionary Minds, Mirum, EgoValve and Foot In The Door.

It's a music post!! (☞゚∀゚)☞

So, on the 28th of September, which was last Friday, (yes I know, it's now Sunday, I'm slack) I went to a gig in which a friend of mine, in the band Mirum, was playing. I had never actually been to a local gig before O.O I've been to plenty of concerts but I have never been to a gig of a local, not-popular, band. IT WAS AMAZING!! The gig took place at Zebedees, which is sort of a youth 'social spot' supporting Christchurch's metal, underground, alternative scene. I must admit, the crowd that night was t.i.n.y. about 40 people max, but we still managed to tear the place up! So, onwards.

Visionary Minds were first up, they were the only 'metal' band that night, their setlist included several covers, Slayer, Pandora, Metallica etc, and a few originals. I must admit, I wasn't a big fan of this band, they had potential, but it didn't tickle my fancy, especially as I really don't like Slayer... nevertheless, they were a talented bunch and had persistance, so thumbs up to them!

Next up were Mirum, (my friend is the bassist), AND THEY WERE AWESOME!! I would class them as grunge/punk rock and it was sick! Only three members, but they were all bloody amazing at their instruments!! They did a cover of my favourite The Kinks song, Sunny Afternoon, and they did a great job of it! Along with some other covers, Nirvana being one of them, and quite a few originals. I am going to forever be their non-whorey groupie!! I can safely say, I'm following all their gigs from now on, along with....

~drum roll please~

EGOVALVE WERE BEYOND AMAZINGLY AMAZING HOLY SHIT BALLS THEY WERE WICKED!!! I think I might be in love!! They play a mixture of psychedelic, funk, blues and whatever else they want to play. THEIR BASSIST PLAYED A 6 STRING!!! Mega jealous!! Their stage presence was amaaaazzzing!!! They jumped up and down, ran into the crowd, sat on the ground, even lay on the stage and boy could they play!! I can't even single out who I thought was the best, they could all play their instruments fan-tucking-tastically!!! Just like with Mirum, I will never miss a gig!!

Last act for the night, Foot In The Door, I must admit, by this time I was so exhausted and can't exactly remember what kind of songs they played, what I do know, is that they were also very, very, very good. They to had great stage presence, but unfortunately I was just so knackered to be paying full attention u.u BUT NEXT TIME, I am keen for a next time. Definitely!!!

Sorry that there are no photos, I didn't want to take my camera since I wanted to go and mosh my heart out, which is exactly what I did. BUT, you should all go and check out their Facebook pages which I will link below....

Visionary Minds
Foot In The Door

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