Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Year In Review - My Favourite Designers | Valentino

Couture Fall 17

In this collection colours found in nature are featured a lot. There are fabulous dresses in a mixture of flowy designs and plenty of structure. Structure is also found in the jackets which are shown in colours like pink and green, pink being less focused on in this collection. The amount of detail in the dresses is remarkable with sheer panels featuring a lot. Layering is also shown a lot throughout this collection although not so much in the four pictures I have selected. Along with the colours which are very botanical, prints also bring this design to the forefront.

Pre-Fall 17

Like the Fall Couture collection, botanical prints are shown a lot however they are in more obscure colours like oxblood and violets. Majority of the dresses in this collection are very flowy with lots of ruffles and very feminine however some looks involve structure like the third picture in the ones above. Pants are not a focal point in this collection but some are exhibited like in the fourth picture still staying within the floral theme through the print. The coat creates a juxtaposition with the geometric print creating dissonance between the two prints. The footwear in this collection brings an edgy feel to the whole collection off-putting the feminine feel the flowers bring.

Ready To Wear Fall 17

Once again, like all the other Fall collections, floral prints and motifs are shown often. Majority of the colours are muted however there are some bright colours thrown in to the mix such as shocking pinks, deep reds, blacks and yellows. Like the Fall collections already shown ruffles feature a lot and everything is rather feminine with billowy sleeves. There is a varied mixture of sheer and opaque fabrics creating a nice medley. I particularly like the bold prints displayed in this collection, although the pictures I have chosen for this post do not do it justice.

Couture Spring 17

For some reason I didn’t find as much inspiration and enjoyment from this collection and was slightly disappointed as for me Valentino always deliver but that’s not to say it still wasn’t fantastic. I definitely appreciated how harmonious and synchronous this collection was, it was nice to see a collection that had a nice flow. I like that he stuck with similar subdued colours and had textiles that were very alike. Like the Fall collections, Spring also featured ruffles and sheer fabric, an obvious favourite for Valentino this year.

Ready To Wear Spring 17

This collection was right on trend with the bright reds and pinks either by themselves or working harmoniously together. I particularly liked the short dress shown in picture two as it was different from the usual long gowns. Aside from the reds majority of the colours used in this collection are typically pastels and muted creating a soft and feminine feel, something that has been shown a lot through his collections this whole year. I like the mix of black and some of the softer colours coming together in beautiful harmony. Overall I loved not only this collection, but all collections this year and wish I could have shared more of my favourite looks with you but you should definitely check out the whole collections and find some inspiration for yourself.

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