Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Living with Mental Illness | Anorexia

Hello lovelies, 

First of all sorry for the sudden end of the video, for some reason my camera turned itself off while we were filming. I would say it was only about 5 minutes worth of footage that was lost so I can cover it in this post.

As you know, we had just covered the physical complications and symptoms of anorexia and were about to start on the emotional. First and foremost, the most common emotional side effect of anorexia is depression. Many studies, including the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, have shown that somebody who is malnourished will almost always have some degree of depression along with a pre-occupation around food, weight and exercise. Through my eating disorder I have realised just how much these thing occupy your mind and it is absolutely exhausting. It is incredibly difficult to focus, not just because you can’t stop thinking about food but also because a lack of fat in the brain impairs your concentration. If you are interested in finding out more about how starving oneself affects the mind, definitely read up on the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. 

I can’t really remember what else we talked about in that last 5 minutes but I think I covered the basics. Thank you for watching/reading, I hope this has helped you understand if maybe you or someone you know are suffering from an eating disorder and hopefully can make the steps towards recovery. 

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