Friday, December 1, 2017

John Barrowman's Underwear + Singing Copacabana + Exclusive Photo Shoot ...

It's finally here!!!! The 2017 Auckland Armageddon Vlog!
There is so much footage and it just flowed so well that I couldn't bear cutting it into separate videos so one long video is what you're getting however there are links to all the sections in the description box so if you just want to check out certain parts, have a look in there.

I had the most AMAZING time over the 4 days of Auckgeddon, it was my first Armageddon outside of Christchurch and it couldn't have been better. I got to meet the one, the only John Barrowman as well as working with Jessica Nigri and Fakenerdboy on a photo shoot with Cyren (I just assisted and carried a light hehe).

I also met some amazing people and cosplayers, I was quite nervous to meet all these people but they were so wonderful, lovely and welcoming I felt right at home.

I'd be most gracious if you could check out the vlog as I probably put the most effort into this video out of all the videos I have ever done because there was so much amazing footage that I wanted it to be the best it could possibly be.

Thanks everyone, have a rad day!!

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